Re:Set Hoodie

General description

A grey hoodie with pilling has been treated with enzymes which haveeffectively eaten away some of the white pilling for a fresher look and richer color.

The approach aims at addressing the challenge of prolonging the lifespan of garments, in particular design classics, in order to reduce waste and increase resource efficiency. The idea has been to develop methods of renewing that enable a circular system, where consumers give compromised clothing back to the designer and the designer can make improvements and give a renewed garment back to the consumer. Making your old garments look and feel new again.

Material specification

60 % Cotton
40 % Polyester


Naomi Bailey-Cooper in partnership with Dying and Finishing lab at the Swedish School of Textiles

Sustainability benefits

Market readiness

Pilot Scale

Knowledge Areas

All Exposé objects are tagged with one or several areas based on a textile value chain perspective.


Use & Consumption

Sustainable consumption may seem contradictive and far-fetched. However, in the space between these words, opportunities for new behaviors, policy instruments, and business models open up, allowing for more conscious consumption.

Platforms such as F/ACT Movement have now been established to help fashion consumers to make more conscious decisions while at the same time enhancing their ability to express themselves through their outfits.

Consumer’s desire to make more sustainable choices, governmental green incentives, and industry’s resource conscious innovation give opportunities to create better systems that allow consumers more opportunities to live out their desire for fashion and textiles.

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